FAQ-GATE 2012 Examination


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FAQ-GATE 2012 Examination	

Question : Pre-final year candidates are eligible(GATE 2012) or not ?

Answer : No, Pre-final year candidates are not eligible to appear GATE 2012 examination.

Question : Which institute will organize GATE 2012 examination?

Answer : IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology)  Delhi is organizing GATE 2012 Examination.

Question : I had completed my AMIE , so can I apply for GATE 2012 exam?

Answer : AMIE & AMICE candidates are equivalent to B.E./B.Tech. Those who have 

completed section A or equivalent of such professional courses are also eligible for GATE 2012 Exam.

Question : I am persuing my Final year if B.Tech in Electronics & Communication engineering, so tell me about my Eligibility for GATE 2012 exams?

Answer : All students who are in final year of B.E. / B.Tech are eligible for GATE 2012 examination.

Question : What is weigthage of GATE Score at the time of Admission in Post graduate i.e M.E. / M.Tech ?

Answer : Minimum 70% weightage is to be given to the performance in GATE. The remaining weightage (30% maximum) can be given to the candidate’s academic record or performance in interview. But Minimum criteria may vary from one IIT to others.

Question : Who are entitle for MHRD fellowship?

Answer : A candidate declared “Qualified in GATE at the time of admission” is entitled for MHRD fellowship for 24 months unless he/she loses it due to poor performance in the registered programme.

Question : Can I apply OFFLINE for GATE 2012?

Answer : Candidates need to apply/register ONLINE for GATE 2012. Application process for GATE 2012 is entirely ONLINE 

Question : Is it compulsory to apply at Organizing institute, like GATE 2012 is organizing by IIT delhi?

Answer : No, it is not compulsory. You may apply the websites of IISc and the seven IITs listed below:

IISc Bengaluru
IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi
IIT Guwahati
IIT Kanpur
IIT Kharagpur
IIT Madras
IIT Roorkee 

Question : Is it possible to apply for more than one Branch in engineering?

Answer : A candidate can apply for only ONE of the 21 papers, however candidate are free to opt any choice paper depending upon their Post graduation plan.

Question : What is the total marks in GATE 2012 Examination?

Answer : The GATE examination consists of a single paper of 3 hours :  65 questions :100 marks.

Question : What is the validity of GATE 2012 SCORE Card?

Answer : GATE 2012 score is valid for TWO YEARS from the date of announcement of the GATE 2012 results. 

Question : What is New in GATE 2012?

Answer : In GATE 2012, candidates need to register /apply through ONLINE mode only, through GATE websites of IISc and seven IITs.

Question : How a candidate will receive his/her GATE 2012 Admit Card?

Answer : GATE 2012 Admit Card can only be downloaded from the zonal GATE websites from 2nd January 2012.

Question : Is there any Negative Marking Scheme in GATE 2012 exam?

Answer : For 1 mark multiple choice questions, 1/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer. Likewise, for 2 marks multiple choice questions, 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer. However, for the linked answer question pair, where each question carries 2 marks, 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer to the first question only. There is no negative marking for wrong answer to the second question of the linked answer question pair. If the first question in the linked pair is wrongly answered or is unattempted, then the answer to the second question in the pair will not be evaluated.

Question : How many marks are defined for General Aptitude (GA) Section ?

Answer : GA (10 questions) are of multiple choice type, and carry a total of 15 marks. 5 questions are carrying 1 mark each and 5 questions carrying 2 marks each.

Question : How many LINKED & Common Data question are expected in GATE 2012 Examination?

Answer : In GATE 2012 paper two pairs of questions would be common data questions, and two pairs of questions would be linked answer questions.

Question : Please confirm us about sectional cut-off in General Aptitude?

Answer : No sectional cut-off in General Aptitude.

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